Health Data Analyser

Localised Information for Effective Health Outcomes

What is the Health Data Analyser?

A unique 'big data to small data' analysis platform that visually highlights areas of need at multiple statistical levels, allowing health managers to efficiently target programming and funding needs. The Health Data Analyser was developed by Cogent in late 2016 and built on a platform for big data analysis and has the flexibility to integrate a range of data sets.



The Health Data Analyser was originally designed to help a client locate GPs in rural NSW. It has since enabled local health managers to make informed and evidence based decisions for effective and efficient health outcomes.

Cogent’s Health Data Analyser provides timely and accurate information to identify priority groups within the population where information on disease and health promotion can be directed, and help to identify health disparities between populations and social groups.

Users can drill down by reducing big data into manageable population numbers. Within seconds, you can convert and map big data to LGA, PHA, PHN, SA4 and SA3 regions. It puts powerful information into the hands of local managers to make informed and evidence based decisions.


Globally Recognised Health Index

Developed by international researchers

Cloud Based Platform

Access from anywhere, anytime

Usable Big data

Correlate multiple health indicators

Shareable Information

Collaborate or seek feedback

Visual Mapping

Analyse different statistical levels

User Friendly Interface

Easy to learn and teach

About Cogent

Cogent was founded in 1996 and is a quality accredited management consultancy specialising in the provision of service delivery solutions to industry, not-for-profit and government organisations. Our team provides Australia-wide coverage and draws upon an extensive base of specialist consultants to provide specialist expertise and a multi-disciplined approach to our integrated team model. Our team is dedicated to technical and business excellence in providing innovative and cost effective solutions to meet business needs.  

Cogent’s capability has grown from our broad experience across the ICT and health sectors, and recognising the need to utilise the significant volume and range of data publicly available for our clients. In 2010-2011, Cogent managed a major project for the initial development of the original ‘Myhospitals’ website. Cogent received industry recognition for the project and was awarded the 2011 iAward in the e-Government Category for the ACT.

Our team provide Australia-wide coverage and draws upon an extensive base of specialist consultants to provide specialist expertise and a multi-disciplined approach to our integrated team model. Cogent has an extensive listing of Commonwealth, State and Territory Department clients, as well as private sector and not-for-profit clients.

Data Analyser

Our Health Data Analyser operates on a cloud-based platform and available to your team at all times. Access big data to support your operational and strategic objectives.


We can provide health data reports specifically for your region. Our team will conduct detailed analysis and provide key findings for your department or organisation.

Strategic Advice

Our experts can help you extract vital information from the Health Data Analyser and provide strategic advice. We can tailor the project scope to suit your organisation's needs and budget.


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