What is the Health Data Analyser?

The Health Data Analyser is an application provides timely and accurate information about population health to identify priority groups and highlight health disparities. This information is important to assist local and national decision makers effectively allocate valuable resources. The information is displayed visually on a map. It is built on an open source
 platform that is highly suitable for big data analysis and has the flexibility to integrate a range of data sets.

Why was Health Data Analyser developed?

The Health Data Analyser was developed by Cogent Data Analytics in late 2016. Originally, the tool was designed to help a client locate GPs in rural NSW. Today, the Health Data Analyser puts powerful information into the hands of local managers and provides the technology to make informed and evidence based decisions for effective and efficient health outcomes.

Who is Cogent Data Analytics?

Cogent Data Analytics is part of the Cogent group of companies and led by Mandy Nearhos. Cogent was founded in 1996 and is a quality accredited management consultancy specialising in the provision of service delivery solutions to industry, not-for-profit and government organisations.

Cogent’s data analytics capability has grown from our broad experience across the ICT and health sectors, and recognising the need to utilise the significant volume and range of data publicly available for our clients. In 2010-2011, Cogent managed a major project for the initial development of the original ‘Myhospitals’ website. Cogent received industry recognition for the project and was awarded the 2011 iAward in the e-Government Category for the ACT.

Are there similar applications or programs out there?

Not that we are aware of. There are data visualisation tools but you would have to invest significant time and resources to have it look suitable and function correctly.

Will training be provided?

Yes, training is provided as part of the purchase.

Is it difficult to use?

No, it is easy to use and very intuitive.

How can I add my own data?

Currently, this is not possible however, we will work with you to integrate the data into the system. Only Cogent Data Analytics can add new data sets and must be validated and standardised to suit our application.

What data is currently available on the Health Data Analyser?

The source of the data is always displayed in the pop up box when selecting the health factor(s) and the area of interest.

Here are a few of the data sets we have currently included:

  • National Health Survey 2011-2012
  • National Health Survey 2013-2014
  • Socio-Economic Index for Areas (SEIFA)
  • People with a profound or severe disability and living in the community

What are some other data sets you may add in the future?

  • Census data
  • Infant deaths
  • Voluntary work for an organisation or group (ABS Census data)
  • People with a profound or severe disability (includes people in long-term accommodation)
  • Birthplaces other than Australia (divided into country of origin, China, India, Vietnam etc.)
  • People born overseas reporting poor proficiency in English
  • Population projections
  • Age distributions
  • Data provided by client

Does it work on Mac and PC?

Yes it works for both as it is operates on a cloud-based platform.

What are minimum requirements?

Internet connection and web browser.

What is the cost of the Health Data Analyser?

Please contact us for a specific quote.

Can I use this on my mobile?

Technically yes, but the size of the screen would limit its functionality

How will I log in?

You can log in from the website through a dedicated user portal.

How long does it take between purchasing to have access to the Health Data Analyser?

Access can be provided within 5 working days.