myPHN Conference in Cairns, Far North Queensland

Mandy and Khai attended the myPHN Conference in Cairns, Far North Queensland on 8th and 9th July to showcase the Health Data Analyser to a largely Primary Health Network and health professional audience.

The Health Data Analyser received positive feedback and we had lots of interest from conference attendees and other exhibitors. It appeared that we were one of the only exhibitors showcasing a data analytics product.

What we learned

The myPHN conference was filled with committed and passionate professionals from the medical and allied health fields.

Michael Moore (CEO, Public Health Association of Australia) challenged the audience to look at health from three points:

  • Protection – of the community from external threats eg avian flu
  • Prevention – through evidence based strategies
  • Promotion – to increase awareness

Digital health is emerging as both a tool through systems such as myhealth record, and a challenge to merge the various information streams into a coherent patient-centred message

It was also alarming to hear that more needs to be done to close the gap on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander life expectancy. The Hon Ken Wyatt AM, Minister for Aged Care and Minister for Indigenous Health addressed the conference as the keynote and is both very knowledgeable and passionate about his portfolios.

Some other highlights from the conference include the inspiring story from Christine Anu about her humble beginnings in the Torres Strait to becoming a one of Australia’s most iconic female Indigenous entertainer.

We were also very fortunate to witness such an uplifting and spiritual welcome from

Gerib Sik, an traditional dance group and the video can be seen on our facebook page:

Lastly, we’d like to thank Health Reimagined for inviting us to exhibit at the 2017 myPHN Conference and provided significant support to get Cogent Data Analytics up to Cairns.

Here are some of the photos from the conference:

Khai with team from Health Reimagined

Welcome to Country Ceremony

Welcome to Country Ceremony

Traditional Indigenous Dance – Gerib Sik

Traditional Indigenous Dance – Gerib Sik

The latest version of the Health Data Analyser

Cogent Data Analytics recently made important updates to our Health Data Analyser. We have integrated additional data sets and added some new features to improve the user experience. Below is the list of updates.

Data Updates

  • Health risk factors have been updated to latest data from the 2014 -15 Australian Health Survey
  • Alcohol risk definition has been changed from ‘consuming alcohol at levels considered to be a high risk to health’ to ‘consumed more than two standard alcoholic drinks per day on average’ (in line with the 2014-15 survey definition)
  • ‘Hypertensive disease’ has been removed from Chronic disease and a ‘high blood pressure’ is added to risk factors (in line with the 2014-15 survey definition)
  • Four additional health factors have been added:
    • having a profound or severe disability and living in the community
    • musculoskeletal system diseases
    • arthritis
    • hospital admissions due to injury



  • pop up now displays to show the following:
    • Factor selected and ASR (Age Standardised Rate)
    • UHI (Urban Health Index) if applicable
    • IRSD (Index of Relative Socio-economic Disadvantage)
    • Source(s) of data
  • Improvements to servers have increased the processing speed of the HDA web version


The Health Data Analyser provides quick visualisation of big health data sets. Moreover, users have the ability to see the relationship between multiple health factors through our integration of the Urban Health Index. Save time and resources by having the information ready for analysis, rather than spending time preparing the information!

The system includes the capability to add user-supplied datasets to apply the same visualisation and analysis.

You can contact our team to organise a demo for your organisation.

Digital Health Show Melbourne, March 2017

Our team attended the Digital Health Show at the Melbourne Convention Centre on 29 and 30 March 2017. We officially launched the Health Data Analyser to the health industry and it was received positive reviews. We had a constant stream of visitors to our trade stand and conduct countless demonstrations to highlight the Analyser’s capabilities.

We also had the opportunity to showcase the Health Data Analyser at the Health Innovation Theatre to an audience from various health companies and departments.

Thank you to everyone who visited us over the two days and congratulations to the Cogent Data Analytics team for their efforts!

Below are photos from the Digital Health Show.